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Want to connect with organizations that support the rights of foster youth and formerly incarcerated youth? Or maybe you just want to connect with someone who might have experienced something like you? Check out one of the following Facebook groups managed by the organizations listed below.

  • California Youth Connection
    A Facebook page for foster youth who are interested in learning and becoming involved in policy. This page is managed by California Youth Connection.
  • Foster Leaders
    A Facebook group for current and former foster youth to connect. This page is managed by Foster Leaders.
  • LGBTQ Foster Youth Support Network
    A Facebook group for foster youth who identify as LGBTQ youth. This page is managed by by the LGBTQ Foster Youth Supporter Network.
  • The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
    A Facebook page for youth who want to learn more about racial and social justice, civil rights, and resources for youth who were formerly involved in the juvenile justice system/corrections. This page is managed by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.
  • The Underground Scholars Initiative
    A Facebook page managed by students who support formerly incarcerated college students and prospective students.

** A special word about public forums

Please keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information online in public forums, that information can be collected and used by others. This includes any information that you choose to make publicly available. For this reason, we encourage users not to post any sensitive information, including personal information, in any public forums.